Data management

Menyanthes is well equipped for managing and editing your groundwater data and data loggers. A useful feature is the time series editing tool, which combines a graph and a table for editing your data. The graph offers you the possibility to select and edit measurements, add or multiply all selected measurements with a fixed value raise, etc. In the table, which is similar to a spreadsheet, it is possible to manually enter or correct individual measurements, or copy and paste data as you are used to in programs such as Excel. Because the table and graph are linked, edits made are instantaniously made visible, along with the original data which are plotted in gray for comparison.

If you are using Menyanthes for managing your groundwater monitoring network, an essential feature is the module for managing the technical or meta data of the observation wells. In the metadata module of Menyanthes, editing your metadata is made very intuitive by using a graphical respresentation of a well. Changes in the metadata of wells can be stored, along with the date at which the changes were made and possible comments on why the change was made and how the new data was collected and should be interpreted.

In more and more observation wells, groundwater fluctuations are monitored using automatic pressure transducers, data loggers or so-called Divers. In contrast to expectations, collecting data with Divers is not that easy and many errors can exist in the raw data or can appear while processing it. For that reason, Diver data should allways be checked and validated. This is why a new feature of Menyanthes is created: the Diver and Datamanagement Toolbox. The new toolbox enables its user to import and process many Diver-files simultaneously, combine the data in the seperate files for each well and detect possible errors or deviations easily. All changes and corrections are stored and can be commented upon (who what, when, why), making the editing process completely transparant and reproducable. Special attention is paid to the presentation and visual inspection of the data, at all stages in the process. Are you interested in the Diver and Datamanagement Toolbox? It is implemented in the new version of Menyanthes (version 2), and can be used free of charge.






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