Menyanthes will enable you to start working with groundwater level data in a fast and convenient way, and 'browse' quickly through extensive datasets. It contains a wide variety of data and 2D-3D visualisation tools, aimed at understanding the functioning of the groundwater system. With the use of these tools, the data can be interactively managed, edited and graphically presented.  All data and results can be exported back to Excel, whereas graphs and figures can be copied to the clipboard or exported to bitmaps or vector format files  (e.g. jpg, bmp, wmf, eps). Moreover, it is possible to visualize time series analysis results in various ways. This can be used for interpreting model results in a physical, hydrologically plausible sense. 

Menyanthes is spatially oriented. The central point in the program is a map which gives an overview of the data currently present in the database, and is the starting point of all other operations. The Map can be zoomed in/out, panned, and used to select piezometers with the mouse, by dragging a box or line transect. Last but not least, the depth of the piezometer filters is often very important for interpreting the observed heads correctly. When a number of piezometers are selected, Menyanthes can easily present the location of the piezometers and filters in a 2D or 3D cross section.


3D cross section 




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