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Menyanthes is a many-sided computer program that allows hydrologists to quickly and easily analyse the influence of external factors on the groundwater level. It provides insight into the effects of interventions, pumping and/or surface water management. With Menyanthes, every hydrologist and ecologist can perform a time series analysis, without investing the time or having the scientific expertise required by other programs. This is thanks to the implementation in the program of elementary information about the hydrologic behaviour of groundwater systems. 

The program’s main functions are:

  1. Time series analysis 
  2. Visualisation 
  3. Data management 




 Jos von Asmuth 

Jos von Asmuth
31 (0)30 60 69 512

  Erwin Vonk 

Erwin Vonk
31 (0)30 60 69 547 



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