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A sustainable living environment and water provision demand a thorough monitoring of the quality of groundwater and surface water. Current analytical methods produce an enormous quantity of data, which necessitate advanced software to order, interpret and present them in short time for managers who need quick answers. HyCA (Hydro Chemical Analysis) orders all your measured data via an easily accessible database, to which you can directly apply a large number of hydrochemical and statistical checks before presenting the results in convenient 4D (space and time).

Fast and user-friendly insight  

HyCA is a magnificent tool for anyone working with water quality data. The display and interpretation of the data collected contribute to the evaluation of policy objectives, monitoring of the effectiveness of measures taken, and optimisation of operational processes. HyCA covers the whole path, from data input to reporting.

HyCA provides hydrologists, ecologists and water quality experts with fast insight into the reliability of water quality data, analytical errors, norm exceedances, water types, degree of pollution, redox level and mineral saturation. HyCA produces tables, maps and profiles which can be directly used in presentations and reports. A unique, very powerful feature of HyCA is the integration of the database and analytical tools within a single software package. With HyCA you have access to a number of data analysis and visualisation tools, capable of fully covering your demands.






Pieter Stuyfzand
Pieter Stuyfzand

Principal scientist
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Jan Willem Kooiman
Jan Willem Kooiman

Manager and Project Manager
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