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CAVLAR is a software programme that assists water companies in analysing distribution networks and optimise maintenance, thus ensuring continuity of supply to customers. CAVLAR allows you to analyse the effect on customer interruptions of deficient valves in your drinking water distribution network. Therefore it helps to determine how valve maintenance can contribute most cost effectively to your customer satisfaction. CAVLAR will help to optimise valve maintenance, minimise customer interruptions and reduce costs.


Due to the historical development of drinking water distribution systems, many distribution networks are quite complex and therefore understanding the reliability of the system can be difficult. CAVLAR is a pragmatic operational tool that facilitates quick section analysis of complicated networks. The tool assists in the (iterative) design of valve configurations which fulfil criteria defined by a water company and helps in comparing different valve configurations.

Optimal valve maintenance and reducing costs with CAVLAR

Valves in drinking water distribution networks are essential for isolating incidents, such as pipe breakage, pipe failure or contamination events, to ensure continuity of supply. The basic function of valves is to isolate a section of the distribution network to limit the effect and therefore the risk of an incident to the surrounding network. In the event of valves operating incorrectly, the adverse effect on customers will increase. An intelligent valve configuration and risk based valve maintenance can limit the customer effect of an incident. CAVLAR assists in the analysis of optimal valve locations and optimal valve maintenance schemes.  



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