Menyanthes is a unique and powerful, many-sided and user friendly tool for groundwater level data. It's main functions are:

  • Time series analysis - This aspect of Menyanthes is world wide unique. The programme contains a set of well develloped time series or Transfer Function Noise (TFN) modelling tools, developped at the Delft University of Technology. Menyanthes was (and still is) developed in the framework of scientific research on improving time series analysis methods for application on (ground)water level data.

  • Visualisation - Visualisation is a second important feature in Menyanthes. It will enable you to start working with groundwater level data in a fast and convenient way, and offers tools to 'browse' quickly through extensive datasets.It contains a wide variety of data and 2D-3D visualisation tools, aimed at understanding the functioning of the groundwater system. Moreover, time series analysis results can be visualised in various ways, aimed at interpreting model results in a physical, hydrologically plausible sense.  

  • Data management - Menyanthes facilitates the management of series of groundwater level observations, collected manually or with the aid of data loggers or presssure sensors. It is well equipped for validating groundwater level data (e.g. by plotting pressure sensor data versus hand measurements), screening the data for possible errors and correcting them.  
  • Database - The foundation of Menyanthes is a database, which can be easily filled with data from: 
    • Microsoft Excel or data in ASCII-files; 
    • Other Databases, like DINO, AQUAINFO or Dawaco;
    • Hand measurements;
    • Data loggers or pressure transducers of various brands (LevelTroll, Diver, Keller).





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