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Introduction course

Would you be interested in HyCA for your organisation? KWR can organise an introduction course for you onsite, so that you can work using your own data and/or address problems that you face within your own organisation. The course starts with an introduction about the options of HyCA. After which you will work with HyCA yourself. You will learn to import, control and change the data, present data in graphs and maps and analyze data. 

For further information or wishes you can always get in touch with us, support_hyca@kwrwater.nl 

 Support and service

In order to optimise the usage of HyCA and to be updated with the latest developments, several forms of support and service are available. A standard service agreement gains access to: 

  • Helpdesk - You can reach the helpdesk by phone or mail: support_hyca@kwrwater.nl. Questions will be answered as soon as possible (preferably within two days). 
  • Bug fixes - If encountered, bugs will be repaired and a bug fix will be sent to you. Bugs are defined as errors in the program which cause the program to malfunction, or not reach its full functionality . 

Apart from these standard options, it is also possible to make more specific arrangements. A few examples: 

  • Expanding the functionality of HyCA, or creating custom options and tools. 
  • Consultancy, projects or research having to do with groundwater quality.





Pieter Stuyfzand
Pieter Stuyfzand

Principal scientist
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Jan Willem Kooiman
Jan Willem Kooiman

Manager and Project Manager
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